There are 4 steps to registering a team for competition in this year’s Odyssey of the Mind competition.  Listed below is the order to follow.  Links for each of these steps can be located at bottom of this page.

STEP 1:  Obtain an Odyssey of the Mind membership registration for your school/organization & pay for membership.

STEP 2:  State Registration – Individual team registration for regional competition with Arizona Odyssey of the Mind  (Deadline January 15, 2024)

STEP 3:  Judge/Volunteer registration – each team must provide one judge & one volunteer for regional competition, registration for which for judges can be accomplished at the Odyssey of the Mind website.  (Deadline for Judge Registration is January 31, 2024)

STEP 4WHO/HOW TO PAYMENT:  Schools/Organizations need to pay Arizona Odyssey of the Mind for their team(s) state registration.  The official Odyssey of the Mind invoice is included in the Team Confirmation email sent to the coach after registration of their team(s).  PAYMENT DEADLINE is February 15, 2024.                                                             

For schools/organizations that have multiple teams under a membership number:

  • Each email confirmation will include a running total of the amount due.
  • The last team registered under that membership number will have the final total that is due.
  • This last email will serve as the official invoice for payment.


Arizona Odyssey of the Mind will no longer be able to make exceptions for each school/organization as to how they prefer their invoices to look.  Along with the above invoice, a standard invoice will be generated for purchase orders.  It is the school/organization coordinator’s &/or coach’s responsibility to educate the appropriate department on the payment process & to insure their payment is received by the deadline date.  All team registration payments must be received by this deadline for teams to be eligible to be scored at the Regional Tournament.

Arizona Odyssey of the Mind State Treasurer Contact Information:

Amanda Norton
12267 E Del Norte
Yuma, AZ 85367
[email protected]


⇒  How to register your School/Organization   CLICK HERE

⇒  How to register your school for Arizona Odyssey of the Mind   CLICK HERE

⇒  How to register Volunteers  CLICK HERE

Odyssey of the Mind Membership Registration

Each school/organization must first obtain an International Membership by going to the website .  If your school/organization already has a membership, move onto the next section.

Registering your school with Odyssey of the Mind:

  • Register your school on the membership page of the Odyssey of the Mind website here.
  • Each school only needs to purchase one (1) membership unless you are planning on having 2 teams compete in the same problem & same division (i.e. two Division 2 teams competing in the vehicle problem).
  • This year’s problems will be mailed out when available & after your school is registered & payment is received.

State Registration

Each team planning on competing at the regional tournament will need to complete the State Registration process.  Click the following link to begin process – State Registration 

Payment – 

Registration fees for AZ regional tournaments this year are:

1st team registered = $150.

for each additional team =$50.

Primary teams are free

After your team has been registered for the regional tournament, payments are to be made to the State Treasurer.  Acceptable payment methods are:

  • Check – mailed to the State Treasurer
    • make checks payable to “AZ Odyssey”
  • Credit Card – email State Treasurer to set up payments
  • Purchase Order – send PO electronically to State Treasurer